Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sadie at the Beach

We went to the dog beach yesterday, and Sadie had a blast! She was running away from the waves at first, but then she ran right in. I can't believe how much she loves the water now! It's so cute. She was exhausted when we came home. If you watch the video, you can see why haha. She was running around like that all day!


  1. she looks like she had a great time! she wasn't shy at all about the water! I can see why she was tired! but just think how many calories she burned!

    (I don't know why, but this just showed up on my Dashboard to read tonight, 11/11, although you posted it 3 days ago. Blogger must be out of sorts because I'm finding this with lots of blogs I follow )


  2. She loved it! I wish it wasn't getting cold, so she could swim more. We will definitely have to go once it gets warm again. It is a great workout for her!

    Yeah something was weird with Blogger yesterday. I was getting my updates all delayed, too!

  3. Darn! I wrote a long post and then forgot the way your blog does it's comments and didn't do the second Post command part!

    Let's see... I said I thought that it was wonderful that you have a Doggy Beach where she can run and play off leash. There aren't any in the beach areas where we can go (We have a few beachs a couple of hours away) We try to use long "clothes line" leashes when we go out there, but they still can't run and play like they would if they were free.

    Aren't corgis having fun just the cutest things!!! We just LOVE watching ours... and the pups playing are just extra fun!

  4. Oh man, sorry about that! I didn't realize my comments did that. I'll have to see if I can fix it. I just left it as the default. Still getting used to everything!

    Yeah, they just opened this beach, and it's great! It makes me a little nervous having her off leash though, because she doesn't so much listen to me!! But she was good, and came back. She had so much fun though! It's so cute when she runs around like that.


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