Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleepy Sadie

I tend to take a lot of pictures of Sadie sleeping. Probably because she looks so freaking cute when she sleeps! I always want to cuddle with her when she is sleeping, but she usually gets mad when I wake her up haha. So I'll stick to taking photos. Also, Sadie loves to sleep on pillows. And she uses them like a human does, so it makes it extra cute. Does your dog do the same thing? I think it's adorable. The best is when I come into my room and she's all curled up on the pillow waiting for me. Sadie has her own bed in our room, but she generally sleeps on my bed with me. I wouldn't have it any other way. Because sometimes I will wake up, and she will be curled around my shoulder, or resting her head on my leg. It's hard for me to fall asleep anymore without her close to me! Plus, she's my own personal heater in the winter!!! :)

Here are some of my favorite Sleepy Sadie pictures. (You'll notice she tends to wake up when I take her picture haha.)


  1. It's like she took one last peek at the camera before she dozed off in the last 2 pics, heh.

  2. awww, it's cause they look like such angels when they're sleeping :)

  3. Hehehe yeah, I tend to annoy her with my picture taking, especially when she's asleep!

    And yes, they just look too sweet when they're sleeping. I love it.

  4. looks like she also enjoys some light reading before sleep too! how cute she is! Koda loves to sleep on my pillow after I get out of bed :)


  5. Hahaha yes, she's a big reader! :)

    Sadie does that, too. If I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, when I come back, she's laying right where I was. Must be nice and warm for them :)

  6. I think Nigel could relate to this post - my challenge is to get pics of him standing. And yes, he uses his pillow as your dogs do. :)

  7. Hahaha I think Sadie has gotten used to me taking lots and lots of pictures of her. Sometimes she refuses to cooperate, but I've gotten quite a few good ones over the years!

  8. She sure is a pretty girl! Ours love to sleep on our bed too... We've had a "three dog night" many times. As you've seen if you've looked at some of the back blogs of mine, I love to take pics of them sleeping too!

    I've always got to "kick" BG or Dott out of MY spot when I get back from going to the restroom or something at night. We've got a heated waterbed, so when it gets cold, they love to all pile onto the bed for a nap.

    Did you get a chance to see the blog about foster dogs we've had. I posted that pic of the little girl I thought looked a lot like Sadie.

  9. Thanks! :)

    They are just too cute when they're sleeping. I guess that's what makes it a great photo op.

    I did see that post! I commented. The dog you fostered did look like Sadie! It's so cool to see corgis that look just like her, since I'm pretty sure she isn't a full corgi. Thanks for sharing!


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