Monday, November 23, 2009

Ear Kisses

Sadie isn't a big kisser. She gives me kisses often, but won't just give kisses to anyone. She reserves her kisses for a few select humans that she loves. But, if she REALLY loves you, you are deemed the honor of the prestigious ear kiss. Yes, you heard that right. Sadie LOVES ears. And loves kissing them even more. She's done this since I first got her, and it has only become more frequent. Does your dog do this, too? I'm guessing it's the smell she likes! But every once in awhile, she will come up to me, sniff my ear, and then lay a big wet one on it. I have to say, it is a very unusual sensation! First the sniffing and breathing in my ear, and then the kiss. Oh dogs, so weird, but so delightful. I've noticed most people don't enjoy Sadie doing this as much as I do. Maybe it's just something only a mother can love! :)


  1. We think Sadie is perfect...of course! We give Mum ear kisses too :)

    Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  2. too cute!! nope, Koda doesn't do ear kisses here :(

    likes to lick fingers though :)


  3. Oh you are so lucky! Freya only gives full on ear kissing to her daddy. She will literally climb his face to get closer to his ears. I get once lick and that's it.

  4. Sadie and I think you guys are perfect, too!

    Sadie likes to lick fingers as well. Especially if I just put on lotion or ate something tasty!

    Awww! Freya needs to give you some ear kisses too!

  5. Our corgis like to give ear kisses too, but I REALLY don't like "wet willies" so have taught them not to do that to much to me. Now Hubby is a different story and when HE gets home he usually has 3 corgis in his face and lap all vying for his ears and beard... (BG, Dott & Pippin) OC is to old to get up there, but if he picks her up, she goes for his beard, and if he picks up Mercy or Gimli, they go for his ears and beard too!

  6. Hehehe I kind of like the ear kisses, oddly enough!


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