Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I Rescued Sadie

I've had pets throughout my whole life. Mainly cats, but we had a few dogs, too. We always adopted our pets from shelters. It may have been because it was cheaper to do so. But now it is my preference. I don't vehemently oppose breeders or anything. I understand why there are purebred dogs, and why many people want to buy them. And I don't have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the fact that there are soooo many homeless pets out there. It breaks my heart. If I could, I would adopt several animals. (Although Sadie really wouldn't want to share my attention!)

When I was younger, it seemed like stray animals found me. They would always come to me, let me take care of them. This happened everywhere, even when we were on vacation. And this is how we got many of our cats, actually. My mom found a cat abandoned at the post office one day. She took her home. Unfortunately this cat was sick, but we cared for her while we could. The cat I had for most of my life, Stormy, came to us in a tornado. Literally. She flew through this tornado and landed on our neighbor's screen door. They had two dogs at the time, and couldn't keep her, so they gave her to us. She lived a long, long life. She was almost 16 when she died. I had her from Kindergarten until College. The dog I remember most was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle one year. They adopted her from the pound. A husky/german shepherd mix with piercing blue eyes. Unfortunately, she did not live a long life. She had seizures, and became very ill once we moved out of our house. I'm pretty sure she was beaten as a puppy, before she was adopted by our family. This is another thing that makes me so very sad. I sometimes think I want to work for the ASPCA, being an animal cop. But I think it would kill me. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how people abuse animals. They are so helpless, and they don't understand. It's so cruel.

Now, I don't know if Sadie was abused. I don't know what happened to her at all in her previous life. I have a feeling she was abandoned though. Perhaps her family just couldn't take her with them when they moved. I'm not sure, but I know she has abandonment issues. Sometimes I think she may have been abused, just because of how she reacts to certain things, like yelling, and loud noises. It rips my heart out to think she was hurt in the past.

When I decided to adopt a dog, I was originally looking for a Pug. I really love Pugs, and was hoping to find one I could adopt. However, I expanded my search to all small dogs, and Sadie popped up. And I fell in love. It was meant to be.

Something I've noticed about rescue dogs...they are so very grateful. It's like they know they were rescued. They know life is better now. Sadie was scared when I first got her, but she settled in quickly. Something interesting though...she didn't bark, or growl, or make any kind of noise for over nine months. She was even scared of squeaky toys. I always think it's because she was trying to be the best dog, so I wouldn't get rid of her. She was scared to do anything wrong. But then she realized she was stuck with me, and started to be herself. Her loud, bratty (and very lovable) self!

Sadie still gets nervous if there is yelling. And beeping noises really frighten her. (For example, the fire alarm beep that warns when the battery needs to be changed.) It seems she has some kind of PTSD reaction to this sound. I wish I knew her history, so I know why she does certain things...but then again, it's probably better I don't know the details. I have a feeling it would kill me to know.


  1. aww, I'm glad you found Sadie. Reading, " I always think it's because she was trying to be the best dog, so I wouldn't get rid of her" made me tear up!!

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad I found her, too. (Or that she found me!) It makes me tear up thinking about that, too, but it really feels like that was what she was doing. I don't know why else she would have been so scared to make a noise or do anything wrong.

  3. we're guilty because both of our corgis came from breeders; we seriously looked at shelter pets but they were so big and we didn't want a big dog. now that I know what I do know though, next dog could even come from a corgi rescue place.

    Sadie definitely is a right match for you! I'm glad you both found each other.


  4. It's such a great feeling rescuing a dog. If I had the money, I probably would have gone through a breeder...but at the time, I wasn't even looking for a corgi, so I wouldn't have known how wonderful the breed is! I'm definitely so lucky to have found my Sadie. Thank you :)

  5. Aww, I was initially going to adopt a dog but being we have an unaltered male in the house--we agreed that he would take to a puppy better than an older dog. Also, I was terribly impatient for a puppy.

    Ultimately, I did foster a corgi mix for about 6 months. We went through his heart worm treatment and neutering. We went through several Saturday's of Petsmart adoption days where my heart would break at his trauma every Saturday.

    Milo is an awesome dog. He walked on the leash really well, loved Freya, and well listened pretty good in general. I don't know if he knew English very well, but he was happy dog that kind of knew what I wanted. He's very happy at his new home.

    After fat camp is done with both of my mom's dogs--I may, depending on the bf, foster again. Only this time--no male dogs as we had such a time with our Weimaraner. I would prefer to get one that will be adopted right away so I wouldn't get too attached (like I wouldn't--sigh, I could dream at least.)

    Oh, I was also looking into pugs! And Frenchies and Bostons...ok anything small with a smooshed face. I felt a corgi was more hardier when hanging out with a Weim though.

  6. Aww I don't know if I could ever foster a dog, because I'd never be able to let them go!! But that is great you are doing that. I feel so bad for these homeless dogs. A lot of them now have just been left behind because people had to move and couldn't take them. I would never be able to do that! Poor things. And the abused ones? Ugh, just breaks my heart. I should try to volunteer at a shelter once I get settled here.

    Love pugs! And Bostons and Frenchies are so cute, too! They were other options for me, too. I love the smooshed faces too haha. But I have definitely become a corgi convert!! I just love them now.

  7. It is rather hard to foster... dogs OR kids. We've done both and have a tendency to fall in love and it's way hard to say goodbye!

    My sister does dog rescues and that's how I sometimes get hooked into fostering. The last dog we fostered was a full corgi male and THAT is how we ended up with pups! He was only supposed to be here 2 weeks and Dott wasn't in when he arrived. Because of parvo in the place he was supposed to go, he ended up staying with us for 6 weeks and having him around (I think) made her come in and they managed to sneak out together.

    If you want to read about how we first got corgis, it is posted on the MyCorgi Blog. The story of OC's Dad and Mom are on there at:


    There are a few other stories about our dogs on that blog too, if you are interested... just check the archive files. Oh, and you can also get there from clicking on the MyCorgi Blog button on the right sidebar toward the bottom of the sidebar buttons. Linda

  8. Oh thanks! I will definitely check out those posts!

  9. On some level I'm sure it's good to not know the history. It kills me knowing Charlies story but at the same time it fills in some odd behaviors he has sometimes.

    I'm so happy you adopted! It is interesting that they seem like they know don't they?

  10. I know this is an old post, but PBU directed me here and since I love me some Sadie I got curious. It breaks my heart as well to think that Sadie may have been abandoned or abused. She seems like such a sweet girl, and I'm glad she has a loving mother and best friend like you to care for her.

    I got Dexter from a breeder, and I'm getting Violet from the same people. It may sound a little insensitive to say this, but I chose to get them from breeders because I knew they wouldn't have any "problems" like PTSD. I've never owned dogs without my parents before and I wanted to have a sort of clean slate at my first attempts at raising dogs by myself. Admittedly, it's also because puppies are super cute :)

    After seeing Dexter's progress, I'm not worried, but now my new task is introducing a new dog to him and raising them together. I don't plan on stopping there. Once I own a home, I'm going to begin rescuing as many dogs as I can afford and have room for. I'm hoping that having two socialized dogs will help the rescues to adjust and feel more comfortable. I could be totally off on that, but I like to think it will work out better if they have dog buddies to help them learn trust.

    Anyway, I try to advertise ways to help Corgis as much as I can on Dexter's blog, so I thought I would explain why I didn't go the rescue route with my first Corgi. After reading the many heartbreaking stories on sites like CorgiAid, I know I'm going to dedicate a big part of my future to helping dogs that didn't get the love they deserved.

  11. Paige, I certainly don't hold anything against anyone who buys from a breeder. My whole life, we adopted pets though, so it's just something I have always wanted to keep doing. There's something about a rescued pet...they seem so grateful. The way Sadie looks at me sometimes. She is just so happy that I found her, that I saved her from whatever her life was before. After having Sadie, I definitely want to always get corgis though...there may be a time I get one from a breeder. But Sadie happened to find me even though I wasn't looking for a corgi, and I'm so happy she did :) But I do appreciate your donations to CorgiAid, etc. I think most pet owners can have sympathy for pets in need, even if their pets are purebred...because we just can't imagine someone hurting our little furkids. But thank you for sharing your thoughts about it :)


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