Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guilt Trip

Every day when I leave for work, Sadie gives me the biggest guilt trip. In our apartment in Boston, she used to hide under the coffee table. Now she goes to the other side of the bed and hides in the corner of the room. Or under the desk. She hangs her head and puts her ears back. It is the most pathetic thing ever, and it gets me every time! I wish I could stay home with her! Or bring her to work. That would be amazing. I hate leaving her. It really is the worst thing ever. Do all dogs do this? I'd rather stay home with Sadie than go most places, mainly to avoid this guilt trip haha. But I also just like being with her. I miss her so much when I leave, especially if it's for a few days. That's definitely the worst! I wish I could take her everywhere. I have to take a picture of the pathetic look she gives me one of these days and post it.

My aunt is home sick this week, so Sadie has been able to stay out with her. (Otherwise she has to stay in my room while I'm gone.) So it's not even like I am leaving her all alone! She just knows how to make me feel bad haha. Apparently after I left this morning, she went into our room and went to sleep on the bed. On my pillow. So sweet. I miss her already!!!


  1. Take it from one who knows, corgis have it in their DNA to make you feel like dirt when you leave them behind. Dozer either lies down with his head between his paws looking bereft or he sits with his back to you. There is no middle ground. Mind you, when I come home he is the first to jump in my arms (when he is not ill or hurt). Part and parcel of falling in love with a corgi is their incredible emotions and intelligence. We're adding you guys to our blog - love the pictures!

  2. Good to know that's a corgi thing!!! Too funny. They are too smart. Sadie jumps all over me when I get home, too. Makes leaving almost worth it :)

    Thanks for adding me! Glad you like the blog and pics! :)

  3. Yeah, Freya makes me feel bad every time I go to work too! Unfortunately, I work two jobs so I get this feeling all the time. She's also a little vindictive in that she will let me know that I'm not giving her enough attention by nipping me(and only me) when I do get home.

  4. Awwww! Sadie will bark when I'm not paying attention. She doesn't really nip though. Not sure, since I hear most corgis do this! These doggies know how to guilt trip us, that's for sure!

  5. it is their expressive eyes; yep Koda does the same thing. we keep him in his crate when we leave (but we're usually only gone for short times, just a few hours here and there) and when I close the door of it, he just looks soooo sad. But I give him a treat so he's a bit happier. they like to be around us, I do believe.

    Julie has a corgi, Caleb, who she gets to take to work occasionally; that would be fun to do I think

    since I work at home, Koda is always around making life so much more interesting

    take care


  6. Yes, they really know how to look pathetic and sooooo sad. It just kills me every time. I so wish I could bring Sadie to work. It would certainly help keep me sane! Too bad more offices don't allow that. It was nice when I was home for a little over a month when I first moved here. I think she got spoiled from that, for sure.

  7. I am just so blessed to be able to be home with our babies so much now that I'm on a disability retirement! My friends above are RIGHT! Corgis are EXPERTS at putting on a MAJOR Guilt trip if you have to leave them, and Betty is so right about Julie being so lucky to get to take Caleb with her to work!
    Linda (OC, BG & Gimli's Mom)

  8. I so wish I could be home with Sadie more! It kills me to leave her.


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