Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Patrol

My uncle discovered that Sadie will follow us anywhere if we have food in our hands. She will walk around the couch ten times just in case you drop something! So every once in awhile, we will go on a walk while we snack, to see where she will follow us. I recorded a video of this yesterday. Excuse the shakiness of it; I was laughing hysterically. As was my uncle. Notice how she jumps up on the couch in an effort to get closer to said food. Haha. She is one silly pup!!

We also discovered that if you leave the plate of food in the kitchen, she knows not to follow you, and to instead stand guard in case it miraculously falls onto the floor! LOL.


  1. haha, I love it :) She's just like Gibson!

  2. Dexter does the same thing! Little porkers we have...

  3. Haha, Philip raises his paw that he does this too :P He also stares at me non-stop whenever I eat sitting down until the last little bit is gone

  4. haha, sadie is too cute. Bailey would be less obvious and more sneaky about it, but i like this better, way cuter!

  5. Kelly and Paige, hahaha I love that different corgis are so similar in so many ways :)

    Lisa Marie, thanks!

    Philip's Mom, hahaha awwww! Sadie stares at us too.

    Karen, hahaha yeah Sadie has never been subtle :)


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