Monday, January 17, 2011

Heading Home Tomorrow

I'll be heading back to NY (and the snow) tomorrow. I'm sad my vacation went so quickly and it's over but I'm very excited to see Sadie again! I feel like I've been away from her for weeks. Leaving her is seriously the hardest thing ever. Hopefully she will be excited to see me when I get home. I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't had a chance to catch up on the blogs I follow yet, but I didn't hear back from anyone on my last post...How do you cope with leaving your dog when you go away?
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  1. I'm sure she'll be super excited to see you!!

    I've only really left Gibson once and I just tried not to think of him while we were gone. Although, by the 4th or 5th day, every dog or baby we saw made us think of him and we'd get all "awwww Gibsonnnn", but then we just tried to forget about him again and have a good time :)

  2. We've had to leave Stanley 3 times I think for vacations (haven't had to leave Charlie yet). It's always difficult but I think actually saying good bye is the hardest part. But once we are actually at our vacation destination, we try to do what Kelly said - just not think about him. Of course we always fit in stopping by a doggie boutique so we could buy him gifts to spoil him when we got back!

    She'll be excited you're back! The last time we left Stanley and came back, he didn't seem excited to see us at the airport. He looked very confused and kinda distant. But as soon as we went back up to our apartment, he ran in and was jumping all over us and really happy! It was a delayed response, lol.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Safe travels!

  3. Kelly, yeah I totally kept thinking about her every time I saw a dog! It's so hard. She was happy to see me though :)

    Jenny, it's insanely hard not to think about them!!!


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