Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sled Dog

Last weekend, my uncle decided we should all go sledding! I had never been sledding. (Or at least I thought I never mom said I went one winter in NY when I was very little. But growing up in Florida didn't provide much snow to sled on haha.) So we all bundled up, and headed out to a secret sledding locale he heard about from a friend. And by we, I do mean Sadie, too! She put on her winter coat and shook her little nub with excitement. She just loves the car, so she didn't care where we were going, as long as she was included.

Once we got to the hill, Sadie was very excited and basically just wanted to run free in the snow. I couldn't let her though, because I would have never caught her if she decided to be a punk and not listen (which was likely). So instead, I let her run down the hill to get me after I sled down it. She was so happy!

And then I decided to take her with me on the sled for one ride. I wasn't sure how she would react, but she stayed in my lap, and didn't try to jump off, so that's a good sign. I think she was shaking a little once we got to the end of the hill, but then she bounced back and ran right up to my aunt and uncle. So I think she had fun! And boy was she tired after that morning...and the poor little thing couldn't even sleep when we got home, because we headed to my grandparents' house for a birthday celebration. She passed out the second we arrived back home though!

Forgive me for not taking more pictures, but I nearly broke another cell phone by dropping it in the snow a few times just to get this picture haha. Fail. I would have loved to take more though!

Have you taken your dog sledding??


  1. Haha I should totally take Dexter sledding, but it's like negative omgwtf degrees here so...

  2. How fun! I'm pretty sure Sadie was all tired.

  3. Hehe, Philip has been to the snow once when he was a puppy and he seemed to enjoy it, I really wanna take him again sometime. Don't you just love it when they get so tired they pass out the minute they step inside :) When Philip is extra tired, he even emits cute little snoring sounds.

  4. Paige, haha yeah it's freaking cold! But fun haha.

    DIRR, she was exhausted!!

    Philip's Mom, Sadie gets grumpy when she's super tired lol. She growls if I try to move her.


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