Monday, January 31, 2011


Apparently we have had something like 35 inches of snow since the beginning of January. This does not include the blizzard we had the day after Christmas, which dropped over a foot of snow as well. AND we are expected to get another foot (or more) of snow this week. Seriously? Where is the snow going to go???? It's already piled up so high everywhere. Parking in shopping center parking lots is a complete nightmare, and most corners have snow piled so high, you can't see cars coming and are forced to make blind turns. I did not sign up for this! And poor little Sadie and her short little legs...she has nowhere to go to the bathroom, unless she wants to climb up a giant mound of snow. It's a complete mess. Although it was rather funny watching her try to jump a pile of snow that was probably at least three feet high in order to see a dog that was barking at her! Wish I got a picture of that!!

I did however get some other wintery pics I'd like to share with you. Yes, it is rather beautiful after the snow falls, but now I just want it to melt!! Enjoy...

 I love winter trees so much.
 Our driveway (and my car) after the most recent storm.
 The view from the garage.
 A neighbor waving in the midst of the snow ha. 
 The sky was really that blue after the storm.
 So. Much. Snow.
 Our house covered in snow.
 Managed to catch the snow falling from the tree.
 I threw snow at Sadie. She wasn't pleased haha.
 "What do you want, Ma???"
 Sadie made her own fort haha.
 Love the snow on her nose hehe.

  Sadie's new Gators collar :)
Check out this creepy icicle! It looks like an arm!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sled Dog

Last weekend, my uncle decided we should all go sledding! I had never been sledding. (Or at least I thought I never mom said I went one winter in NY when I was very little. But growing up in Florida didn't provide much snow to sled on haha.) So we all bundled up, and headed out to a secret sledding locale he heard about from a friend. And by we, I do mean Sadie, too! She put on her winter coat and shook her little nub with excitement. She just loves the car, so she didn't care where we were going, as long as she was included.

Once we got to the hill, Sadie was very excited and basically just wanted to run free in the snow. I couldn't let her though, because I would have never caught her if she decided to be a punk and not listen (which was likely). So instead, I let her run down the hill to get me after I sled down it. She was so happy!

And then I decided to take her with me on the sled for one ride. I wasn't sure how she would react, but she stayed in my lap, and didn't try to jump off, so that's a good sign. I think she was shaking a little once we got to the end of the hill, but then she bounced back and ran right up to my aunt and uncle. So I think she had fun! And boy was she tired after that morning...and the poor little thing couldn't even sleep when we got home, because we headed to my grandparents' house for a birthday celebration. She passed out the second we arrived back home though!

Forgive me for not taking more pictures, but I nearly broke another cell phone by dropping it in the snow a few times just to get this picture haha. Fail. I would have loved to take more though!

Have you taken your dog sledding??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Patrol

My uncle discovered that Sadie will follow us anywhere if we have food in our hands. She will walk around the couch ten times just in case you drop something! So every once in awhile, we will go on a walk while we snack, to see where she will follow us. I recorded a video of this yesterday. Excuse the shakiness of it; I was laughing hysterically. As was my uncle. Notice how she jumps up on the couch in an effort to get closer to said food. Haha. She is one silly pup!!

We also discovered that if you leave the plate of food in the kitchen, she knows not to follow you, and to instead stand guard in case it miraculously falls onto the floor! LOL.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Verdict's In...

Well, after a 3 hour flight delay, I finally made it home to NY! I hate flying, so being stuck at an airport for 4 hours isn't my idea of a good time lol. But I made it home, and I couldn't wait to see my little Sadie. When I got home, she came running out into the garage to greet me, and she was definitely excited, bouncing up and down! Coming home to that is the best feeling in the world. It was so wonderful to cuddle with her again, and just be NEAR her. I missed her tons. I'm glad she was happy with my aunt and uncle though. She likes it there, and even if she is sad I leave her, she goes about her routine as if I were there.

She was of course excited for the homemade treats I bought her. She was less excited for the new collar, but it looks great on her! I will have to take some pictures soon :) Once I upload the pictures from Florida, I will post a few. I didn't take too many, as the weather wasn't as nice as I'd hoped. (Of course the weather was gorgeous the day I left though!) It was a good mini vacation though. But it always goes so quickly!

Also, just had to post this because it cracked me up!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Heading Home Tomorrow

I'll be heading back to NY (and the snow) tomorrow. I'm sad my vacation went so quickly and it's over but I'm very excited to see Sadie again! I feel like I've been away from her for weeks. Leaving her is seriously the hardest thing ever. Hopefully she will be excited to see me when I get home. I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't had a chance to catch up on the blogs I follow yet, but I didn't hear back from anyone on my last post...How do you cope with leaving your dog when you go away?
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vacation Blues

I'm in Florida right now visiting my parents, but I miss Sadie like crazy! I bought her a new Gators collar and some homemade treats while I was out yesterday (shhhh don't tell her!). It is so hard to leave her, even if it's just for a few days. I miss that stinkerbelle and it has been hard sleeping without her laying on top of me! How does everyone cope when you have to leave your pup?? I wish I could bring her everywhere!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sadie is Not a Fan...

My uncle got this cool helicopter for Christmas, and he was testing it out this weekend. It's pretty awesome, but Sadie was really NOT a fan lol. You can see what I mean in this video. She got too close to it at one point and her nose got clipped by the propeller. :( She's ok though!!! I am going to make sure my uncle plays with this outside from now on, but it was pretty amusing!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chillin' Bonz

Sadie received a pretty cool gift from my Grandma for Christmas, and we had to try it out right away. It's called Chillin' Bonz. It's this awesome tray that allows you to freeze bone-shaped treats for your dog! It comes with a bunch of recipes, too. So we tried the peanut butter and banana flavor, because Sadie loves PB and bananas! It also had a little bit of honey in it as well. The trays come in two different sizes; either four large bones, or I think eight smaller bones. We have the tray with four bones. I've been breaking them up though when I give them to Sadie because she just inhales them lol

 This is the product. It's pretty cool, I think. The tray snaps closed and has an inner removable layer as well (where the bone molds are), which makes for easy cleaning.
 Mixing up the yums!
 I can has treats now?
 The treats pre-freezing. 
Sadie got to lick the bowl, too!

Then we put them in the freezer and waited a few hours until...
 Frozen yummies!!!

I couldn't get a picture of her eating the bone, because I seriously turned around to get the camera, and when I turned back, she finished it lol. So I suppose she approves!!! These will be great in the summer, I think! I definitely want to try all the recipes. We'll let you know how they all come out :)

Oh, I also wanted to clearly could do the same thing with an ice cube tray, but I thought these were pretty cool, and I like the bone shape hehe. Also, the bones come out of the tray VERY easily, because the inner removable layer is a softer material that allows you to pop out the treats with ease. I would definitely recommend it! By far one of coolest gifts Sadie received :) I think she's a fan of them as well!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Day!

First of all, Happy New Year! :)

Last week, we had a huge blizzard here in NY and got about 18 inches of snow. And I got a snow day from work! WOOHOO! Sadie was so excited. Not only did her momma get to stay home, but all the white fluffy stuff was on the ground again :) Sadie LOVES the snow. I wish she would eat less of it though lol. I didn't get a lot of pictures of Sadie in the snow this time...but I am sure we will have another storm soon enough. For now, just pics of the aftermath haha.

 My uncle, plowing us out!
 Our house in the snow
 Don't think I can get to the front door...
 Yes, that's me in my abominable snowman coat and Sadie in her little pink coat haha.
 Our lights were buried under snow, so I took some pics. Pretty cool, huh?

 Our street, a few days later and much less snow!

It warmed up this weekend, and rained, so the snow is pretty much gone now, but it was fun while it lasted!!
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